You don’t hear to much from us, unless you really listen.

We are not slaves to the system, nor are we the slave drivers.  We have mastered the system though we don’t necessarily believe in it.  Our fortunes are generated by setting others free, not manipulation of capital and a workforce.

The undiscerning might think we are part of the 1%, but we are in fact much rarer.  We are the exception to the rule.  We are the solution that transcends the constraints of the problem.

We are responsible for works like The Matrix, V for Vendetta, The Four Hour Workweek, and Education of Millionaires.  We build companies like Virgin and Charity Water.  We invented the Credit Union.  We won the revolutionary war.

We are rare because we exist both above the people and for the people.  The selfish of us end up in the 1%, and the undisciplined back in the 99%.  We walk a razor’s edge.

We are those who have embraced discomfort, acted in the face of fear, and grown the backbone that is required to live the life your truly want to live.  We live to pass our freedom to others, though our message might not always be well received.

It’s time to wake up.