We often hear the phrase “you are what you eat,” which implies that we become that which we consume.  It applies to reading, music, food, just about everything.

What gets overlooked is this:


Now that’s a little more scary, and a lot more inspiring.  We can create anything, so the scope of this statement is very broad.  What’s more, it squarely points the finger of personal responsibility squarely where it belongs: at you.

You can coast through life creating nothing.  Guess what you will become… nothing!  You can create poetry, music, writing, business, buildings, ships, or rifles.  That will not just make you a poet, bard, entrepreneur, architect, boatswain, or a rifle-maker.  The content of what you create will change you as well.  It will demand that you call on faculties previously unknown to you.  It will demand your evolution.

In Japan it is said that one can tell the mind-state of a calligrapher by his work.  Do you know how the calligrapher changes his mind-state?  By working.

When you create something its a little piece of you, your invisible self, out there in the world.  You can see it, touch it, examine it, and discover a little more about you than anyone else.  You will know thyself.  You will catch a glimpse of what is unique about you, and how you can use that to make a lasting impact in the world.

Now: go and embody the Creator.