I find it important to remind myself that I have limited daily energy.

Emphasizing the scarcity of your energy leads you to cultivate, appreciate, and thus utilize it more effectively.  If you lack awareness of your daily quantity of energy, chances are you’re a procrastinator.  You watch that you-tube video before handling that high priority task.  If you realize the scarcity of you daily energy, you will begin to tug at the leash of your to do list, urgently and enthusiastically checking off item after item before your energy runs out for that day.

I hear repeatedly from creatives, particularly writers, that they have about 4 hours of creative energy in them per day.  It’s a lot easier to pass on meaningless crap when you know your 4 hours are ticking.

A happy side effect of this awareness is you will notice how other activities effect your daily energy levels.  You will notice some activities make you feel scattered.  This could be caused by watching that scandalous new Kim Kardashian video, or gossiping at the water cooler when you’re supposed to be focusing, or as Normal Mailer would say, “applying ass to chair.”  This goes double for eating.  How does that Carmel Machiatto assist your energy?  You will notice other activities or foods focus your energy, effectively giving you more of it.  I talked a bit about this in my post Temporal Elasticity.

By naming this phenomenon of limited daily energy, you will also start to notice its quality.  Sometimes it will be smooth and forceful.  Other times jittery.  Sometimes viscous and difficult.  Other times light and infinite.  You will begin to notice how each thing you participate in, whether its a relationship or an activity, effects the quality of your energy, and in turn how that effects the way you create in the world.